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Tendonitis: The Sequel

Just what I didn't want to hear, per Redskins Insider:

Coach Joe says that Clinton was held out of practice because his knee tendinitis flared back up. He says the team will monitor it closely - of course - and is being extra careful. The problem was aggravated at Monday's practice, and with two sessions Wednesday I would be surprised if we saw Portis at both of them.
I found myself scoffing at suggestions that Clinton Portis was a legitimate injury concern heading into '07, rather insisting that '06 was anomalous. The joke is on me, as knees are funny things and this particular case of tendonitis is proving hard to escape. If he can't get through practice without its recurrence, he certainly won't make it through many games.

Yesterday I predicted that Jason Fabini would see some field due to the injury of Chris Samuels. Actually, per the Official Site, undrafted rookie Stephon Heyer opened today's practice at that position. We'll see plenty of other personnel there as well, though:

"What we're doing is working everybody we can at left tackle," head coach Joe Gibbs said. "We have a number of combinations we're going to try there. We'll just have to see how it goes."
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