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Are you going to finish that T-Bone steak with 10 egg whites and baked potato?

Brandon Lloyd Training Camp Journal is back and, you know what, in spite of how things went with Lloyd in '06, I'm happy to have him back for this. I like player Training Camp Journals. They entertain me. Especially this one, where Brandon Lloyd informs us that he is "not a big eater". Despite this handicap, he went to Arizona this offseason and put on ~10 pounds, and kept it on. Here's how:

I ate six meals per day with the lighter meals later in the day and the heavier meals in the morning.

My breakfast would consist of a 16-ounce T-bone steak and 10 egg whites. That would be the meal I'd eat before I'd train.

Right after I'd train, I'd eat two chicken breasts and 8-10 egg whites.

After that I'd eat fish-maybe 12 ounces of Ahi Tuna, broccoli and a baked potato.

My fourth meal would be chicken, broccoli, and a baked potato.

My fifth meal would be a lamb chop or rack of lamb.

And finally my sixth meal would be fish again.

The tough thing about eating like that is if I ate my breakfast too late or if I didn't eat my in-between meals in time, then I'd be up late trying to finish eating. Seriously -- there were a few nights when I'd fall asleep on the couch while trying to catch up with my eating.

I would say the tough thing about eating like that is avoiding internal bleeding, but what do I know.

I don't want to get to optimistic this year over minutiae such as the above, but I do like Brandon Lloyd's added size. Admitting that my observation could be wrong, one thing I remember Lloyd struggling with last year was separation from defenders. He'll have some added size and muscle now to get that job done -- at 200 lbs he'll compare favorably to many of the CBs he's facing -- and will allow him to kind of sort of maybe fill that posession receiver role we so desparately need. He's also not a short receiver, though 6 feet isn't going to turn any heads, either.

Question: If topical creams advertised to increase one's, uhhh, size, are to be believed [ED Note: not that I would know about such advertisements, as I certainly would not be reading those kinds of magazines, rather I simply get the same random spam email that you all must], then wouldn't they also make your hands grow when you apply the cream to, uhhh, the area's you want to grow? I only ask because I'm short, as in my height you pervs, and couldn't I just rub topical growth cream all over my body to get taller? The point being: couldn't we just create tall, posession receivers with growth creams?