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This is Al Saunders' offense

Paul Woody at The Sporting News (hat tip: Extreme Skins) puts to rest any questions about who has the primary offensive play calling duties on Sundays:

INSIDE DISH: Anyone who thinks coach Joe Gibbs will return to play-calling this season should think again. Gibbs has no intention of taking any authority away from coordinator Al Saunders. The problem last season was that Gibbs and Saunders did not realize the gulf between them in their philosophy of offense. Gibbs always will be a run-first, pass-second and throw-deep-when-possible coach. Saunders believes that a high-octane offense is necessary to survive in today's NFL and that the passing game opens up the running game. The two have come to a meeting of the minds on their philosophies. The Redskins are going to be a run-first team. Gibbs is going to play the same role he had last season: input in the game plan and occasional suggestions on game day.
Two cooks doesn't necessarily make a crowded kitchen, so I remain optimistic that this offensive cohabitation can work. It will be interesting in the long run to see how Al Saunders adapts his (proven) offensive strategy around a philosophy he's less familiar with.

At the day's end, though, it will likely be Jason Campbell and his development as a quarterback that will determine our fate, rather than a strategy concession by our offensive play caller(s). If Saunders can will Pro Bowl production out of Jason Campbell, we'll be just fine. The pieces are in place elsewhere on this offense for many yards gained in 2007.