Reason #7

Reason #7 the Redskins will win the NFC East:
That Jason Campbell video...

Sike. But seriously, that is amazing.

But really. Reason #7 is the schedule.

The Redskins are annually challenged by a difficult division which, last year, produced 3 playoff teams. This year, the Giants, Cowboys and Eagles could all contend for playoff spots again, especially in a weak NFC conference.

But the Redskins non-division games look pretty good. Apart from games against the Patriots away and the Bears at home, the Skins face these weak opponents at home this year: Dolphins (Week 1), Lions (Wk 5), Cardinals (Wk 7), Bills (Wk 13). Those are all easily winnable home games - and as I said earlier, the Redskins will improve their home record and their weak non-division home schedule is a result. What teams are there to worry about in that group? There are 4 wins, if everything goes to plan.

Ok, so 4 wins isn't gonna assure us anything, everyone knows that. We do play the Patriots and Jets away, two tough games. But the Vikings, Bucs, and Packers are winnable games. The Packers were 8-8 (and Favre isn't getting any younger), the Bucs were 4-12, and the Vikings were 6-10. There's a very plausible scenario where the Skins have 7 wins. The Bears, Pats, and Jets are tough games.

Of course, the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants will be tough. But if the Skins split their division games, they're 10-6 and easily in the playoffs.

An easy schedule is a big reason why the Redskins will have a great record and be able to take the NFC East.