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Quotes, quotes and more quotes

As always, Extreme Skins is doing an outstanding job of covering Training Camp. Complements of user Tarhog, ES has transcripts from Chris Samuels, Joe Gibbs, Marcus Washington, Renaldo Wynn, Clinton Portis, Vinny Cerrato, Andre Carter, Shawn Springs, and Gregg Williams. I'd read all their thoughts, but here's what leapt out at me:

  1. Coach Gibbs used a moderated tone in praising Jason Campbell and, as of yesterday's practice, obviously had not made any decision regarding how to replace Chris Samuels in camp.
  2. LaRon Landry missed yesterday's practice because of a late flight. The Times has the story (Riggo's Rag comments as well).
  3. Marcus Washington is going to play some defensive line and get after the quarterback more this year. Also, he pees fairy dust.
  4. Renaldo Wynn characterized this as "the most physical training camp we have had." Clinton Portis, who always has much to say, characterized camp as "a breeze really". My favorite quote, and the type I wish I heard more from him: When asked about which drills he doesn't like doing he said, "It doesn't matter what I don't like. If everybody else can do it, I can do it." Portis is not only an enormously talented football player, he can also be charismatic when he wants to be. He is the type of player who has lead this team in the past ('05 playoff run) and will hopefully do so in the future.
  5. I forgot to mention it earlier, but Bill Walsh had an enormous impact on Andre Carter that he spoke candidly about. It is a credit to Bill Walsh as a coach, man, and motivator that he draws so much respect from players that haven't interacted with him directly in years.
  6. Gregg Williams will send Marcus Washington at the quarterback. Also, many of the drills -- duh -- will emphasize opportunistic defense and getting turnovers: "We've always had an emphasis on take-aways, but we've even got more incentive on some of the drills we're doing in the practice settings because Coach Gibbs wants us to play that way, and we're going to do it."