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All rookies signed

Landry signing is official, per

The Redskins have finalized a rookie contract with top draft pick LaRon Landry on Tuesday morning, the team announced. To make room for Landry on the roster, the Redskins released wide receiver Jason Willis.
Happy trails to Jason Willis, who went from longshot to make the roster to virtual certain cut after the team signed Corey Bradford.

Anyways, we're done with our rookies:

Asked if he was relieved to have a deal in place with Landry, Gibbs replied: "We are. You have everyone signed and everybody is here--that's a big deal.

"I was hoping that we would get it done in the first day or so, but I think [negotiations] got prolonged and dragged out some."

Long enough for LaRon to miss some practice, though he's due up there this afternoon. My hope is that he doesn't kill anyone:

Photo Credit - Gridiron Nation