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Blog Show 17: I'd like to thank the academy

Reader(s) will forgive me some brief navel gazing, as Hogs Haven has finally made it. Per Mister Irrelevant, we cracked the lineup thanks to our conversation with the American Mustache Institute. Had I known that it was facial hair and not Redskins related minutiae that would get this blog on T.V., I might've just made this a mustache grooming website. This is a big moment for me, so soak it up, reader(s):

My goal was always to command the internets, and having cornered the market on that crucial demographic of persons-who-know-or-are-related-to-Skin-Patrol, I felt there was no place to go but down. And I'm right; having broken into television there really is no place left to go but down. The Hogs Haven Behind The Music is pending: Just when it felt as if nothing could go wrong for this fledgling Redskins weblog... disaster struck. Will it be drugs or else just really poorly worded and ill-thought training camp analyses? Stay tuned.