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Redskins Training Camp: Now with 80% less rookie!

Per Redskins 360:

A couple of injury items from the morning practice, which lasted a shade under two hours:...

...rookies Tyler Ecker, Dallas Sartz and H.B. Blades sat out. LaRon Landry missed practice while en route to Redskin Park to sign his contract.

The only thing I've heard from our remaining draft pick Jordan Palmer is that he's looked "rough thus far". Redskins Insider also thinks it's unlikely that Landry will practice today even though he's very close to being under contract:
The contract is pretty complicated, so the player and agent will likely want to take some time to peruse it thoroughly in print before signing (call it the LaVar Lesson). Then, he would have to undergo a physical - which is done off site and not usually at Redskins Park - so it looks like he will probably miss the 4:30 practice.
As Ben points out, players find a lot of complicated ways to avoid practice. This is an easy one; I didn't have enough time to get the contract looked over.

When he finally does make it to practice, Landry can look forward to... claustrophobia?

[Concerning LaRon Landry, Williams said he was "a young invincible thoroughbred," but that he had some special conditioning drills lined up for him, and that "he'll be getting clausrophobic [sic] in the catch-up of the mental part of the thing.]