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This space approves of Danny Smith

That Crazy Bogger is going nuts today, blogging his guts out, to use the parlance of our coach. There are loads of worthwhile pieces spitting themselves out over at the Bog, though we're going to comment briefly on a Danny Smith post that actually originated at Extreme Skins complements of Skins Cast's JimmiJo. Breath.

Anyways, here's the juice from Special Teams Coach Danny Smith, who straight crazy rants on Suisham and roster hopeful kicker Tyler Fredrickson (quick note: Dan Steinberg is a respectable and responsible journalist, and uses "[bleep]" in the below text in the stead of naughty poop words. I'm neither respsonsible nor respectable.) :

"You alright? You got that?" Smith asks. "You don't even know what the hell I'm talking about do you?"

"I think it's great," Suisham says.

"Look at that contract," Smith replies. "I've seen that contract. Ain't no thinking in that [shit]. You just shut the hell up and make three; I'll do the thinking."

All laugh. Cut to next scene. Smith is now working on situational drills with backup kicker/holder Tyler Fredrickson, formerly of Cal-Berkeley and the Cowboys, who attempts to run off a botched snap.

"Don't run," Smith groans, "you ain't gonna make it. You played in Dallas, didn't you? Cal and Dallas, they're [I believe he says shit here]. You didn't cover [I believe he also says shit here]."

Smith goes on to explain exactly what Fredrickson did wrong.

"It's not in my contract to think," Fredrickson points out.

We hope it is in Danny Smith's contract to speak candidly more often. Because, frankly, we love that shit.