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Training Camp update

I will do my damndest to bring reader(s) up to date on what's crappening in training camp, and myself, as I am way behind. Where to begin...

When not dropping rhymes or styling his hairdo, Brandon Lloyd will be the third WR on the team behind Antwaan Randle-El, just as he was at the end of last season. Regarding this development, he had much to say, per Covering The Redskins:

When asked about being the #3 receiver, Lloyd said the team has numerous three wide packages and that "many passes would come his way." And he is only interested in improving his output from last year by doing "whatever the team needs."

Asked about last year and what happened (the few catches, no touchdowns, the benching) he said next to nothing claiming he "didn't know" what happened..

Via the DC Sports Bog via Fanhouse, Portis is and remains Portis. Volumes of quotable material there so reader(s) are encouraged to follow the link for his verbal treasure. Here's CP on supporting Pop Warner, where winning is secondary:
Here was some fun about winning not necessarily being the only thing, which was nice to hear.

"If we fall short we fall short," he said, "but we need to fall short knowing that we gave eerything that we had and we left it on the field, so if we go 5-11 and every game we played we lost by one point then we fell short, but we feel good about falling short, compared to if we lose by 24 and we're just sitting there getting blowed out and guys gave up."

That's the spirit! Ice cream sandwiches for everyone after the game, win or lose.

Injuries, per Covering the Redskins: Randy Thomas is sitting, due to a cortisone shot in his knee. Marcus Washington held out of practice because of "something". Tyler Ecker is going to have hard time making the team if he can't see field (groin injury).