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LaRon Landry contractually a Redskin

Update [2007-7-30 10:37:51 by Skin Patrol]: Sportz Assassin at Fanhouse beat me to this story; finding the ESPN update on Landry's contract:
The deal, negotiated by agent Joel Segal, came just shy of 1 a.m. Monday, and will be signed later in the day after both sides review the final document. The five-year contract has a maximum value of $41.5 million and it includes $17.5 million in guarantees.
Welcome to the big league (money), LaRon.
Word from Redskins Insider, while burning the midnight oil, was that Landry is penned a Redskin now:
First round pick LaRon Landry agreed to terms on a 5 year contract around 1 am and is expeted here by the second practice today.
Nothing official yet, though Jason La Canfora is a reliable source.

Volumes of stuff going on right now that I'm way behind on, so stay tuned here for updates throughout the day. I'll update this post once Landry is officially signed, and hopefully with details pending their release.

Washington Times, It's Done