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Redskins might be interested in Corey Simon (but maybe they aren't!)

Per Viking Update comes one of the most qualified expressions of interest I've seen. The setup:

It wasn't too long ago that Corey Simon was one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL and playing in the Pro Bowl. But the former Florida State Seminole had his career derailed this past season because of an injury that still remains somewhat of a mystery. The Colts are expected to release Simon soon, so could he be a candidate to replace Tank Johnson next to Tommie Harris?
You can never have too many DTs, though I wonder about his asking price and whether he's worth said amount. Anyways, here comes the Redskins portion, emphasis added:
Other teams that could take at least a cursory look in Simon's direction to improve their depth of talent are the Buffalo Bills, Washington Redskins, and Cincinnati Bengals.
It doesn't get more qualified than that. "Could" doesn't mean "have" or "will". Without having spoken with a single representative for any team, I could say that "Team X could" be interested in Purple Monkey Elephant without reprocussion, because it's unverifiable. But it isn't that the Redskins could be interested (which at least can be strengthened by relative need or conventional wisdom -- the Redskins are always interested, right?) but rather that we "could" give him a "cursory look".

So don't hold your breath on Corey Simon in Burgundy and Gold, though I'd still put it to reader(s): Would you have him? Do we need to push Kedric Golston out of the starting lineup?