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Training Camp Open Thread: This calls for a montage

Update [2007-7-27 16:55:32 by Skin Patrol]: DC Sports Bog is all over Training Camp, so head on over there. We know that Redskins fans are awesome. Keep an eye at Redskins Insider as well. In my absence, please explore the blogroll on the left hand side of this page.
Update [2007-7-26 17:58:59 by Skin Patrol]: The Washington Redskins Corey Bradford. This comes as such a surprise I don't have any idea what it means. He's tall? Posession receiver? Bad news for Mike Espy. Also at Redskins Insider.
After a disappointing 2006 season, the Redskins aren't getting a whole lot of respect. And perhaps we shouldn't. A 5-11 team deserves disdain, not lofty expectations and preseason laurels. But this forgotten champion, this once proud franchise doggedly insists that we have a chance. "We don't just want to make the playoffs. We want to get (to the Super Bowl) and win it. I think we have that kind of a team. We are going to get it done this year." Who am I to deny them that?

It begins tomorrow. Now we watch, speculating on which players, young and old, will make the biggest impact. Will we sign LaRon Landry before a holdout ensues? Will Jason Campbell improve off last year's performance and become the quarterback, the mustache model we all know he's capable of? Can this gentle football giant lead us to victory?

But there's a defense to worry about as well. Despite some potential on the line, questions remain about our pass rush. And the scondary? Is it Rogers or is it Smooooooot?

And what about the cheerleaders?

Will all our draft picks make the roster? Why doesn't Chris Cooley put on pants? Who will emerge as our #2 wide receiver? Will Skin Patrol's gambling problem reach critical mass in 2007?

We'll have to wait and see. This is Your Washington Redskins Training Camp Open Thread. Post all TC related thoughts and recipes here, along with your own observational updates. I will be scarce until Monday, so I'm really counting on Hogs Haven reader(s) to carry the site this weekend.