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In this world gone mad, you don't spank the You Tube, the You Tube spanks you

First, this video via DC Sports Bog reveals something that I'll never be able to do; have a Redskins themed wedding:

And frankly? Good. We'll agree with sage, Redskins fan, and genius in his own time Unsilent Majority:

even I think that's a bit too much

The next video was going totally teh awesome for the first 20 someodd seconds. The majesty of Jason Campbell (here nicknamed "The Maestro", which we're vetoing) proving why actors are paid so much -- but can they throw a football over them mountains? -- and then

BAM MUTHA FUDGER! There's the Chief waving a damn mini-axe in my face while doing pelvis thrusts. Why, Eastern Motors? Why???

Why???? You were warned.