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Redskins Robble, Robble, Robble

Ben at The Curly R recently concluded his seven part series on one of the greatest games in Redskins history. He has a references page. We still doctor photos to make poop and pee jokes. Do yourself a favor and become a Curly R regular.

Best of luck to Redskins Post beat writer Howard Bryant who, per Redskins Insider, is headed to a "tremendous gig at ESPN" that could not have been turned down. Scary, and you'll be missed.

Hog Heaven reminds that there's an election taking place... for the greatest NFL fight song. Do your part and vote (with 122 votes in the Redskins lead the Panthers 90.2% to 9.8%)

Running Redskins has been painted on the Mike Vick story. He's got everything; Mike Vick's attorney, the league's response, etc. I'm sure my colleague at The Falcoholic is trying to forget the entire affair, but is also doing a great job covering this story.

At the Fanhouse, Ryan Wilson gives us love along with Kedric Golston, who makes their NFL 30 Players To Watch. Also, Sportz Assassin continues lobbying for Jason Campbell's mustache, with some additional grooming advice. Just let your sooooooul gloooooo!

Covering the Redskins drops a bomb:

Laron Landry, the Skins lone unsigned draftee might have a deal done as early as tomorrow.. I stress that there is no deal parameters in place just a suggested confidence from the guys I have spoken to at the park that there is not a lot of concern of getting a deal done before the start of camp on Friday.
The last thing we want is a tense hold out situation, so I agree that we need to get this done. The money is there.

Riggo's Rag is looking at some of our rookies inspired by Gary Fitzgerald's "Camp Countdown: 5 Rookies to Watch" at the official site. Riggo also has been doing a bunch of division previews: Here's the NFC East.

Meet The Fun Bunch, a brand spanking new Redskins blog. Meet Cheerleader of the Week, my new favorite regular feature in the Redskins blogosphere. It gets better:

I came to a great realization today: There are more Redskins Cheerleaders than there are weeks between now and the Super Bowl. So, that means the Redskins Cheerleader of the Week segment will happen more than once every 7 days.
A man is only as good as his word.

Tandler ranks 24 starters on the Redskins, starting with 24-13. I disagree with Kedric Golston at #23, though look forward to 12-1.

The Official Site has five veterans to watch in camp: Brandon Lloyd, Rocky McIntosh (veteran=not rookie), Portis, Sean Taylor, and Todd Wade. Hopefully Lloyd, McIntosh, and Wade will all impress in camp, as our success is contingent in no small part on their development. Lloyd has to emerge as a legitimate #2 or at least #3 receiver, Todd Wade is replacing an outgoing veteran, ditto with Rocky McIntosh.

Redskins 360 with a roster projection. He has:

  1. Casey Bramlet winning the 3rd QB spot ahead of Todd Collins.
  2. Mike Espy as the #5 receiver, in virtue of no Keenan McCardell.
  3. No Dallas Sartz.
A Hogs Haven thanks and best wishes to Redskins Huddle, which appears to be nearing closure. It's been real and fun and really fun.

Harry Hog has gone international. British Redskin, if you're looking for a Redskins drinking partner in the UK, make sure to check it out.

DC Sports Bog: Antwaan Randle-El wants a Super Bowl (surprise surprise) and Brandon Lloyd named his son Elvis. Bold move (and congratulations). Also at DC Sports Bog, who is prolific and funny enough to make me absolutely obsolete, Dan makes his own Best Sports Mustaches in DC History list and Art Monk wins 2nd, Joe Jacoby / Russ Grimm share 5th, and Diron Talbert gets honorable mention. We support all these great mustaches.

I'm done, and is it just me or has the Redskins Blogosphere gotten fierce? This will be a very entertaining season for reader(s), I imagine.

Should be a Training Camp Open Thread up later on today, as we start tomorrow. Football is so close I can taste it. I will also be incognito tomorrow, so make sure and carry the day in the diaries section or via comments. I need you guys to carry Hogs Haven throughout this weekend.

Mister Irrelevant introduces tomorrow's Blog Show. Reader(s) are encouraged to check out both the potential lineup (lots of great candidates for mention, one of them though, not so much) and the show tomorrow.