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All eyes on Jason Campbell

Redskins training camp begins this Friday and I'll make sure to have an Open Thread for discussion up, as I may or may not be around a computer that day. Someone at Hogs Haven is allegedly going to try and be there for us, though I have no confirmation on that as of yet.

The focus will be on Jason Campbell. To give you an idea of that, I direct reader(s) to the Extreme Skins Breaking News Forum which is an incredibly valuable resource for tracking news in real time. I only have two eyes, and am indebted to the ES users there who update Breaking News 24/7, notably bubba, HapHaszard, and JimmiJo (who also writes for Skins Cast). A sampling of the hyper attention JC will get throughout training camp: Washington Examiner, Is Campbell ready to take his cue?

It's all about quarterback Jason Campbell when the Washington Redskins open training camp on Friday.
TSN (emphasis mine):
Part of the grand hope for marked improvement in the passing game this season has been based on the increased comfort level between Jason Campbell and his receivers. There were all manner of plans for Campbell, Santana Moss, Brandon Lloyd and Antwaan Randle El to spend time together on the practice field this offseason. Instead, the bulk of the time they've spent together has been during OTAs and minicamp workouts. The plan for Campbell to spend time in Florida with Moss did not work out.
John Clayton:
Washington Redskins -- Players have been raving about the development of quarterback Jason Campbell. He has had an excellent offseason, but outsiders have to see how he is developing as a starter. Campbell didn't have a great pocket presence in his first year, but he was in a tough spot. Now, this is his team and his time to prove his ability.

Even his "lip fur" is the subject of scrutiny. Well played, Jamie (make sure you check out the brand new Mister Irrelevant, now with twice the Mottram).

I am not the least bit apprehensive about Jason Campbell in the upcoming season. Despite having some things he needs to work on, I am 100% confident that he can and will be the quarterback of the future in Washington.