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Yes, it would be nice Len Shapiro

I agree totally with Len Shapiro in his article in yesterday's Post as regards Dan Snyder:

Wouldn't it be nice if Daniel Snyder made himself available for interviews on a regular basis once the Redskins go to training camp instead of hiding behind meaningless press release statements?
Hogs Haven hasn't forgotten that Len Shapiro once graciously granted us an interview that ever-so-slightly increased the transparency of the Hall of Fame voting process and shed some light and knowledge to at least one interested person: me.

There are familiar arguments against Dan Snyder wanting Dan Snyder to give interviews to anyone besides Dan Snyder. Notably he doesn't need to in order to turn a profit; access would be an unnecessary headache that gets in the way of making millions. Also, given the amount of animosity towards Dan among many fans and sports writers, I doubt he'd much care to make himself a punching bag.

But why don't you give it the old college try, Dan? Sans you speaking to us, fans and writers alike are left to speculate endlessly on what degree you're involved in the personnel decisions for the Redskins. Based on intense and obsessive word-by-word examinations of the few speaking events you attend, I've narrowed your role down to some bit above None yet below All. Frankly, I'm interested to know more even if you aren't the least bit inclined to provide. At the end of the day it is your team, your decision, and I'll keep watching regardless. I am certain that Dan Snyder wants this team to win. Even when I disagree with something the team does (which is usually because I'm an idiot, no fault of theirs) I don't question Snyder's commitment to the team. I would be very interested to hear, from his mouth, why some of the things I believe are bad ideas sound so good to him. Additionally, I think a dialogue between the owner and the fans increases exponentially the amount of good faith the latter is willing to extend to the former. We've proven unwaveringly that we will stand behind this team through heaven and hell, Dan. At the risk of sounding entitled, which I am not to anything here, isn't a bit of access the least you could do, Mr. Snyder?

Back to the article, I only disagree strongly with one of Len's "Wouldn't it be nice...":

Wouldn't it be nice to forever ban Ultimate Fighting from the airwaves, not to mention the pages of my favorite Washington newspaper? It's gratuitous street fighting violence, pure and simple, and spare me the mixed martial arts garbage or readership surveys that say it appeals to potential 18- to 34-year-old readers. You watch this stuff, you don't read.
Ok, I half agree. While it wouldn't bother me in the least if UFC left forever the pages of the WaPo (more readers for Bloody Elbow), I enjoy Ultimate Fighting on these airwaves, if only because it is "gratuitous street fighting violence, pure and simple". Full disclosure: I'm between 18 and 34 years old with limited reading comprehension.