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Training Camp is upon us

Update [2007-7-24 15:58:32 by Skin Patrol]: A late but due hat tip to The Fun Bunch. They beat me to this video and I didn't even notice. Cheers to you guys.
No, I'm not talking about the Redskins actual training camp, as that doesn't start until Friday. I'm talking, of course, about Eastern Motors Training Camp. I have absolutely nothing to add to the following videos, besides a firm and strong endorsement for Biz Markie's stirring half time performance. Tears are in my eyes.

Enjoy, and thanks to whomever is uploading these on You Tube. You, sir, are a genius.


Customer is #1

"The Interceptor"? If you say so...

RICO calling!

Always say yes

It's beautiful

Graduation day

I am still indebted to The Bogger for captivating me with his Eastern Motors coverage. Dan Steinberg at his best, folks.