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Injury Update: It's all good

Jason La Canfora's Redskins Insider is back with a fury. He has a huge updated on the Redskins injury situation complements team medical guru Bubba Tyer:

[Bubba Tyer] says everyone is ready to go for Friday and they expect every player to be able to participate fully in all drills when the whistle blows Friday afternoon. Clinton has been around the facility and Bubba said he ran 16 100-yard dashes the other day at his normal time, which was a great indication that his knee tendonitis is behind him.

Brunell is good to go. Wynn and Daniels will have their health restrictions lifted for the first time all offseason and Randy Thomas is back from his knee scope. Guys who are coming off long-term injuries - like Clinton, Springs, Marcus, Santana - will be watched closely and, like in years past, when there are two-a-days veterans coming off injuries may be held out of a session or two as a preventative measure, Bubba said, but when they do practice they will do so without restriction.

You read that right. Everyone is good to go. Inevitably, someone is going to get injured during training camp, though hopefully any and all future injuries are minor. As of this moment Your Washington Redskins sound spelled and ready to play.