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AJC: Mark Brunell is worth a look

Don't take my word for it. Per the Atlanta Journal Constitution, after identifying Dante Caulpepper as a veteran quarterback worth pursuing:

Another veteran to watch through training camp is the Washington Redskins' Mark Brunell, who is set to backup Jason Campbell. Brunell played for Falcons coach Bobby Petrino with the Jacksonville Jaguars and threw a career-high 23 touchdown passes in 2005 with the Redskins, when working with Bill Musgrave, who is now the Falcons quarterbacks coach.
Petrino's tenure in Jacksonville coincided with Brunell's from 1999-2001. Petrino was the quarterback's coach in his first two years, then had a single season as the offensive coordinator in '01 before heading to Auburn in 2002 (where, incidentally, he coached Jason Campbell).

I don't have any idea whether Atlanta is actually interested in Brunell, but maybe we can squeeze some picks out of this. We (allegedly) aren't going to keep both Collins and Brunell, so we've got one too many veteran quarterbacks currently on the roster. I'm probably a bit more inclined towards Brunell, but the prospect of relying on either of them terrifies me. I'd just as soon be terrified with Todd Collins and some draft picks than terrified with Mark Brunell.

Question to reader(s) is what would you take for Mark Brunell, at this point?