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Once my pants are on, I make bad posts.

I'm not too proud to explicitly encourage reader(s) to head on over to DC Sports Bog [Ed. Note: Do not forget to catch Dan Steinberg's most recent Blog Show if you haven't already] to witness the tortured work of some guy who attempts to rate a few of Your Washington Redskins by utility as bar fight allies. The list provided:

Andre Carter
Chris Cooley
Phillip Daniels
Santana Moss
Clinton Portis
Randy Thomas
Sean Taylor

With the author selecting Sean Taylor. What you have already noticed, and screamed into your monitor no doubt, is where the hell is Mike Sellers on this list? As the below You Tube professes, Mike Sellers is feared by the entire state/province/kingdom of Saskatchewan, which may or may not be some made up shit. Anyways:

Just so we're clear, I'm asking you guys to plant favorable comments so that the retaliatory DC Sports Bog commenter verbal massacre, quite justified, of yours truly looks artificially soft, thanks to your supportive words. Or go there and call me an idiot -- that's what the internet is for, afterall.

The title of this post is inspired, and deserves due credit:

[While we're at this shameless self-promotion nonsense, one of my favorite blogs on all the internets knows that I exist, and that's a good thing. If you love College sports, you should also love Dawg Sports. An affinity for the Georgia Bulldogs, the object of that blog's affection, is not required.]