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What does Horace know, anyways?

I court not the votes of the fickle mob.
- Quintus Horatius Flaccus, Epistles (I, 19, 37)

Pffft, fickle mobs are the best kind. Thanks to Harry Hog Football for drawing my civic attention towards this NFL Rants and Raves Fight Song Challenge. I somehow missed the first round, where we trounced the Vikings by a healthy margin (but not healthy enough, in my opinion). As of this moment we are currently thrashing the Carolina Panthers 83.7% to 16.3%, with 386 votes cast. I did my part.

This will likely place us as favorites in a battle royale with the San Diego Chargers, who appear to be leading the Bengals after dominating the Dolphins 98% to 2%, which troubles me. It suggests large numbers of Chargers partisans mulling about, a fickle mob if there ever was one. I say fickle them right back, reader(s).

There is absotively posilutely no reason Hail to the Redskins should lose this. As far as I'm concerned, there is only one NFL fight song.

As an aside, I was at Pete's Piano Bar this weekend spending way too much money and waiting way too long in line to enjoy delicious adult beverages. As is typical of the establishment, talented pianists trick a predictably fickle mob into throwing large sums of cash into their tip jars in order to cajole the fight song of contributor's respective schools. I did my part by convincing someone else to put a bunch of money in on my behalf, since I'm poor, which makes me every bit as much a meddler as the pianists (giggle). In any event, my alma mater won and the song was played over and over again to my drunken cheers. The point being, fight songs are an important part of the entire fan experience, and the Redskins are fairly uniquely blessed in this regard.

So learn to love it, reader(s). Forget Horace and go perform your civic duty, you fickle mob.