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First draft pick signed: Tyler Ecker under contract

Shortly after Riggo's Rag pleaded for some signings, the Washington Redskins did just that, penning 7th round pick Tyler Ecker in, per the Official Site:

The Redskins have signed rookie tight end Tyler Ecker, the team's seventh-round draft pick in last April's NFL Draft.
The article also notes that he's in position battle with a number of other players:
Chris Cooley is the starter at tight end, and Todd Yoder is expected to serve as his backup. Third-year player Eric Edwards and rookie Brian Bell are also competing for playing time.
While details of the signing are lacking as of this moment, provided a very helpful guide that kind-of-sort-of determines how much our picks would make based on currently signed rookies presuming a 3-year contract. For Ecker we get:
TE Tyler Ecker (Michigan) - 7th round selection at #216 overall

3 year contract worth around $1.122m

Signing bonus of around $42,000
Minimum base salaries ($285,000, $370,000 and $460,000)
2007 cap number around $299,000
When signed only prorated signing bonus for 2007 of $14,000 will initially count against the cap under the Rule of 51.

Meaning his salary will not crack the top 51 on the team, which makes sense as he'll be the cheapest draft pick we sign. In any event, all draftees not named LaRon Landry really won't cost us very much at all for the immediate future.