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Rock Cartwright and Mat McBriar are pen pals

The title may suggest an improper relationship between our beloved Rock Cartwright and the Dallas Cowboys punter. Something along the lines of this:

But I'm lying, because when I call them pen pals, I really mean that Mat McBriar is harassing Rock, or so it was suggested at Matt Mosley's Hashmarks:

Punter Mat McBriar did three reps of 295 pounds before chest-bumping Gramatica into the lats machine at Valley Ranch. McBriar's been inspired by the cheapshot he received from Redskins running back Rock Cartwright last September.

"I've been writing him letters," McBriar said.

I could find no details on the alleged cheapshot, though we will refrain from concluding without evidence that Rock Cartwright actually cheapshot anyone. Even if evidence is provided we'll still either vehemently deny that the alleged shot was indeed cheap or else applaud Rock for a great hit. Hogs Haven is proudly partisan.

I would be very interested to see the contents of the McBriar to Cartwright letters, though. I also want to know if the correspondence has been reciprocated.