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Go vote for yourselves, Redskins fans

The aptly named Pacman Jonesin' blog, the newest addition of the Fan Sided Blog network (which also hosts Riggo's Rag), is running one of those Best NFL fan bases polls. We made the final cut of 10. First, his metrics (or maybe not?):

This list is going to really piss some people off. How do I feel about that? I feel great about it, actually. I've lived all over this country. I've watched games in bars and restaurants in more states than I can remember. I've been to quite a few stadiums. I've observed pretty much every team and its fans as they've visited Arrowhead over the years. I've frequented NFL message boards ever since my introduction to the Interwebs. I've been debating this question with my brother and others for two decades now. After doing some serious research, I'm more than qualified to drop this list on you.
Credentials established, he leaps in. His inclusion of the Redskins alone is enough for me to reference him credibly:
Washington Redskins - The Redskins lead the league in attendance, and even though FedExField is the largest stadium (which has a capacity of at least 10,000 people higher than Arrowhead, Cleveland Browns Stadium and The Linc) that's still quite a feat. The `Skins have pretty much blown for most of the past decade, making the team's lead-leading attendance even more impressive. I still have a problem with the base's enabling of obese crossdressers , but I digress. Very solid fans.
Whenever someone insults our Hogettes I tend to respond aggressively, typically something along the lines of: Those crossdressers happen to support 23 charities. Or as they point out, "Since 1983, we have donated thousands of hours and helped raise millions of dollars for the care of sick children." So when you dog those crossdressing men, you might as well just admit that you hate children. Assholes. But I digress(ed already).

But that's not Pacman Jonesin's fault, as he probably did not know. What he did know was that You are fans worthy of praise, and for that we appreciate Adam's efforts. Now I'd appreciate your efforts in keeping us respectably placed; as of this moment my vote represents 100% of those cast in favor of the Washington Redskins fans. We are currently beating the Cowboys, but are a vote (50%) down on the Eagles. You know what to do.