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Meet your wide receivers

We happily welcome the triumphant return of Covering the Redskins which, until recently, was surprisingly accurate in its news forecastery of Redskins related minutiae. Makes sense, given that Covering the Redskins is the blog of Bram Weinstein of the The Bram Weinstein Show (more on Bram here).

Well, he's back with an early look at the Redskins receiver situation that is characteristically filled with interesting tidbits on all our guys. First, though I had put the Keenan McCardell rumors behind me, Bram says not so fast:

The Skins appeared non-plussed about the lack of a true possession WR, they did offer Keenan McCardell a league minimum deal last month, the Texans did as well (McCardell lives in Houston) so he ha a choice to make.. But considering he need not be in a rush to get to anyone's camp McCradell might be wise to sit back and wait to see who gets an injury in camp and then may be in line for a better payday plus skip as much of camp as he has to..
An interesting possibility, though the author notes that we're still probably 2nd on McCardell's speed dial, behind the Texans.

We're set at #1 with Santana Moss, with the interesting WR battle being for the #2 spot. Bram picks Brandon Lloyd, though I'm not so convinced he wins it over Antwaan, especially given some of the more interesting anectodes provided that I had somehow missed last season. For example:

He had issues with his coaches calling out WR coach Stan Hixon for not knowing why he was benched late in the season, had RB Clinton Portis call him out publicly for being a problem in the locker room, even Moss had little kind stuff to say about him and that's saying a lot considering Moss is as PC as it comes when talking about teammates..
Acknowledging that teammates don't make depth chart decisions, it never hurts to be loved amongst your fellow troops. If that weren't enough:
One unnamed member of the organization used to refer to him as "Slapdick" last season..
Yikes. I like Brandon Lloyd and hope he rebounds from last season, though I personally would give ARE the current nod to win the #2 WR spot. However, I am compelled to admit that as far as being a famous sidekick (to Santana Moss), Derek Watkins Farnsworth Bentley Fonzworth Bentley Brandon Lloyd certainly dresses the part.

Covering the Redskins calls Lloyd's hands phenomenal, though perhaps covers bases by pointing out that he has a problem "keeping his head in the game". One way or another we have to account for why Lloyd, to date, has never caught 50% of the passes thrown his way, which is very low. I don't think Santana Moss has ever caught below 50%, for reference. I'll try and reconcile the facts with Bram's comments: Lloyd has shown phenomenal hands with a few acrobatic catches, rather it's the easy ones he drops, which could suggest a lack of focus in lieu of butterfingeritis. Please do not ask me if I believe that.

He's got ARE at #3, Thrash at #4, and McCardell (should he sign) and Mike Espy as favorites for #5, though it is "wide open". Remember also that a practice squad spot at wide receiver is a good way to see some field anyways, as injuries happen and you need 5 WRs on gameday.