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Hollenbach released; Sartz, Blades, and Jordan Palmer have contracts

Scoop available either at Extreme Skins or the Official Site, we're running the latter:

Sixth-round linebacker H.B. Blades has officially signed with the team, while fifth-round linebacker Dallas Sartz and sixth-round quarterback Jordan Palmer have agreed to terms on contracts with the Redskins.
Just Landry needs signing; the article notes that Tyler Ecker signed earlier this month, to an estimated tune of 1.122M over 3 years. Presume similar numbers for our other picks, 3 years for ~ 1.2-1.4M. Landry will cost significantly more. Also,
The Redskins also have released quarterback Sam Hollenbach, the team announced on Monday. Hollenbach, a Maryland product, spent the offseason with the Redskins after signing with the club after the draft.
So the third string QB battle is now officially between Jordan Palmer and Casey Bramlet, with the absence of Hollenbach meaning more reps for both those guys. I'll try to remember and update this post with contract details pending their release.

Who wins the battle, reader(s)? Palmer or Bramlet or do you even care?

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