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Jon Jansen: Danny Smith wants Joe's job!

With an obligatory hat tipped towards Extreme Skins, please enjoy this Sporting News article on how NFL players are coping with training camp. Your Washington Redskins are represented well by Jon Jansen, who lets his guard down enough to answer candidly a few questions:

OT Jon Jansen, Washington Redskins

Strangest eating habits: That's got to be Randy Thomas. It's not necessarily strange -- it's that he eats the most. Even on the hottest days, nothing puts him down. Sometimes I wonder how he does that. I don't know where he puts it all without putting on weight. He's in great shape.

At 317 pounds it is little surprise that Randy Thomas can shovel some food into his mouth. Take, for instance, a typical enough sounding meal for the large man circa 2004:
With Thomas's favorite pastime approaching, the six-year veteran already envisioned what he would order: For appetizers, two servings of crab fritters (six pieces each) plus Texan wraps (filled with chicken). Thomas's main course would be barbecued prime rib (20 ounces) and another slab of ribs (14 ribs).

"Don't forget about my dessert," Thomas said.


"Chocolate waffles," Thomas said, smiling hungrily.

Although full disclosure demands we admit that Thomas once lost a shrimp eating contest to one professional eater Sonya Thomas (not related) who looks all of 120 pounds, and that's being generous. The final tally (per Wikipedia) was that she had 6.5 pounds of shrimp in ten minutes, and Randy had just 1.5. I say we give this Sonya a good long look at that vacated guard position...

Back to the article:

Most notorious rule breaker: C.P., Clinton Portis. He does whatever C.P. wants to do.
Biggest suck-up: I'd have to say our special teams coach, Danny Smith. I think he wants Joe's job.
That's interesting though I wonder how Coach Smith will take the barb. He's also got quite a long line in front of him for Coach Gibbs' spot, behind Williams and Saunders and even Bugel on our team alone, nevermind the rest of the league. Besides, we like him plenty where he's at.
Camp food is ... Awful. Everything is cooked the same way.

Best way to cope with boredom: Only two ways: sleep or mess around by playing jokes or trying to create some fun.

And, finally, a revelation that will likely lead to a lot more Ethan Albright posts here at Hogs Haven if only to get his attention:
Camp comedian: Ethan Albright, our long snapper, because he has the most time on his hands. Those guys have time to search the Internet, so there's always something he can dig up on somebody.
What kinds of somethings is he digging up? Like Madden ratings?