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Jason Campbell inspires confidence

Update [2007-7-16 12:56:42 by Skin Patrol]: Topical article at The Official Site, from Gary Fitzgerald, that discusses Jason Campbell as a leader, both from his teammates and from the Mustache himself. It was the last installment of an entire offseason series devoted specifically to Jason; Part One and Part Two also available.
Perhaps not in the minds of impartial sports observers but certainly in my mind, and the minds of many Redskins fans. More importantly in the minds of his teammates and coaches, who have practically gushed about his work ethic and progress this offseason. But he's young, and was an inaccurate quarterback last year, so I understand why AOL Fanhouse's Michael David Smith would ask whether he inspires confidence, especially given the low ranking Fox Sports' Mike Tanier gave the Redskins quarterback situation:
28. Redskins (2006 Rank: 13)
Jason Campbell fared well in seven late-season starts last year. He didn't make the highlight reel very often, but he avoided sacks (just seven) and fumbles (one) and proved that he was a decent decision maker. Campbell must improve his accuracy and show that he can handle the entire playbook. Backup Mark Brunell is on his last legs. His arm is spent and he bails on too many plays. Todd Collins is a well-traveled third stringer. Rookie Jordan Palmer is Carson Palmer's brother, but most of their similarities are buried in the DNA sequence.
This isn't an unfair analysis of Campbell at all. Last year was good by first-seven-starts standards, but JC needs to complete more passes. I have absolute confidence he will do just that, though I can't well expect the rest of the football watching nation to share my confidence given that I'm a partisan and have paid a much closer ear to the effusive praise The Mustache has garnered in D.C. (and elsewhere). The only thing I'd note about Tanier's analysis is that it doesn't necessarily peg the QB roster accurately just yet, as word on the street is Collins or else Brunell is out. And Casey Bramlet is in the same conversation with Jordan Palmer for that third spot, not that our backup or backup's backup are going to bump us from 28 anyways...

The question I'd put on reader(s) is whether or not Skin Patrol's faith in Campbell is justified or merely hope sprung eternal. I felt he showed enough last year, particularly in protecting the football (about as well as any quarterback with as little experience as JC), whereas I feel we're headed in the right direction. We have a robust running game and willingness to employ it, evidenced by our 4th in total rushing yards in 2006 and an explicit preseason coaching commitment to the run. And Clinton Portis is back. All that should take enormous pressure off Jason Campbell, who also gets the benefit of having actual snaps with the first team offense for an extended period of time. Yea, I'm on record: he's going to be just fine (unless he isn't).