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Annoucing the Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] I'm going to bump this every few days to get the word out. I strongly encourage Hogs Haven regular(s) to shoot me an email to participate ASAP. It isn't mentioned below, but there will be a prize for winning to be determined at a later date, though it could be a signed copy of The Redskins Encyclopedia or something comparably Redskinslicious. Stay tuned.
Last night, I set up the official Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League using Yahoo!  The live draft is set for Sunday, September 2nd at 5:00 PM (Redskins time).  We're going to shoot to have 10 or 12 teams.

Late Monday night or Tuesday morning, after every week of play, I'll post the results of the matchups here, so the bragging will not just be limited to the Yahoo! boards.

Also, to ensure that all of our regular commenters have access, I'm going to hold off on posting the league details on the front page here.  Instead, for the league ID and password, please send a quick e-mail to, and include the name you use to comment.

Thanks all.