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Caveat: I don't know how reliable any of these numbers are, because any analysis presumes that weight is disclosed honestly and that it remains static. At best these things indicate trends, at worst they are simply numbers thrown on a screen. Anyways, per Extreme Skins and The Hogs Forum, the Official Site recently updated Redskins player weights in the roster section. Differences recorded by Extreme Skin user CPstretch:

Carter down to 252
Daniels down to 276
Fletcher up to 258
Griffin up to 311
Golston up to 320!
Jansen down to 297
Lloyd up to 200
Moss up to 200 (kind of surprising)
Portis up to 223
Salavea listed at 337 which seems more reasonable than the 315 he was listed at last year
Sellers up to 284!
Taylor down to 212
And per The Hogs user EasyMoney:
Sean Taylor: 232 last year. 212 now.
Brandon Lloyd: 192 last year. 200 now.
Fred Smoot: 174 last year. 190 now.
Mike Sellers: 260 last year. 284 now.
Jon Jansen: 308 last year. 297 now.
Santana Moss: 190 last year. 200 now.
Clinton Portis: 212 last year. 223 now.
Randy Thomas: 310 last year. 317 now.
Kedric Golston: 301 last year. 320 now.
Phillip Daniels: 285 last year. 276 now.
As I said above, these represent trends if they represent anything at all. Sean Taylor is allegedly getting smaller, the wide receivers are allegedly getting larger, Mike Sellers is getting larger (or is he?), Portis is up, defensive ends are down, DTs -- especially Kedric Golston -- are bigger.

Largest man on the roster: Will Whitticker is a beast, at 356 pounds.