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Meet your new Senior Vice President of Marketing

Per the Official Site (hat tip Gary Fitzgerald):

The Washington Redskins have appointed Janice Schmidt as Senior Vice President of Marketing, with responsibility for the team's marketing activities, as well as its Corporate Sponsorship and Client Services Departments

"I am enthusiastic and honored to join such a prestigious franchise as the Washington Redskins, and I look forward to concentrating on advancing our strategic partnerships and the related integration of corporate sponsorships," Schmidt said...

She succeeds Terry Bateman, who recently was named Chief Executive Officer of dick clark productions, inc.

I don't even know if this was news worthy, I just wanted to bump down my naughty t-shirt post.

Terry Bateman was the former CEO of Barton-Cotton, Inc. (which has done work for "American Diabetes Association, St. Jude's Childrens Cancer Research Center, Veterans of Foreign Wars, and many others" per the press release), which is where Janice Schmidt comes from. He (Bateman) is now the CEO of Dick Clark Productions, recently purchased by Dan Snyder, kind of sort of. I have from a much more reliable source than yours truly that this is a case of Bateman naming his replacement.