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Supplemental Draft Open Thread

We aren't going to pick anyone, though here's where you get to discuss whether we should. Information on the draft at the Official Site. PFW sets up info on when we pick:

A weighted lottery separating the 32 NFL teams into three tiers -- non-playoff teams with six or fewer wins, non-playoff teams with more than six wins, and playoff teams -- is used to determine the selection order of the supplemental draft. Teams are assigned a number of chances to win the supplemental lottery based on where they selected in the April draft. For example, the Raiders, who held the top pick in April, will have 32 chances to snag the top pick in the 2007 supplemental draft. Arizona, Cleveland, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minnesota, Tampa Bay and Washington are also in play for the No. 1 pick, with the Lions having the second-best shot at winning the random drawing.
Make sure to check out The Official Site, as it is filled with interesting and consequential information. For instance:
Here's the risk: if a team uses a pick, it forfeits a pick in the corresponding round in the April 2007 NFL Draft.
Meaning that we won't be picking Gaither anytime early on, and neither will anyone else. Right now Gaither and some cornerback are the two favorites to go first, if at all, which meshes well with our own Skin Fan 4Life's comments. Sorry TexSkins, but the penalty in next year's draft pick probably preempts any chance we had at RoShawn.

So what it looks like we'll be seeing (per Gary Fitzgerald) is that a bunch of teams will pass on all these guys, perhaps indefinitely (as they did in 2004). More than likely we won't take any of them, as I really don't think Gaither is worth a draft pick. Even if he is, we're either behind 5 teams in position or else behind 5 teams in a lottery, so chances are someone will scoop him in front of us anyways. As Fitzgerald points out:

Head coach Joe Gibbs has said that the team will use every venue possible to acquire top prospects, so it's possible that the Redskins will be players in the Supplemental Draft.

However, the Redskins have never used a pick in the 30-year history of the Supplemental Draft.

Hogs Haven official prediction is that history is not made today. If you think it should be, let me have it in the comments section.

Big Blue View, Supplemental Draft is today