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TSN: Redskins have 4th best TEs in the NFC

Thanks to Bleeding Green Nation for finding this list (everyone loves a list!) that I somehow missed in my daily perquisition of uninteresting positional/coaching/best uniform rankings. It is the offseason.

The Sporting News ranks the NFC's Tight Ends from top to bottom, with Your Washington Redskins squeezing in at #4:

4. REDSKINS Chris Cooley has the potential to catch 70 to 80 passes and forces defenses to account for him on every play. Todd Yoder is a blocking specialist with a strong work ethic.
I thought this ranking was driven largely by Chris Cooley, though apparently I would be wrong. Despite being 4th overall, Chris Cooley sneaks in at only 5th:
5. Chris Cooley, Redskins. One of the league's most underrated players, Cooley can find the soft spots in zones and has excellent hands.
Who knew Todd Yoder was the key offensive component that vaults us over the overrated Randy McMichael?

We love that Chris Cooley is (sort of) getting his due credit. In my opinion he's above Randy, who has yet to prove he can do anything in St. Louis, though with that offense we won't act too skeptical. I also think given his emergence last year as a downfield threat, Cooley should challenge Jason Witten for position among the NFC's elite tight ends.

We also hope that Tyler Ecker finds a way to make this team, despite the presence of Cooley and Yoder, and perhaps this time next year such lists will include his name when considering our dominance at this position.