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"Weird Al" Yankovic hates the Cowboys, who knew?!

Update [2007-7-10 17:39:16 by Skin Patrol]: Speaking of videos, do yourselves a huge favor by checking out the newest BANG Cartoon via Skins Cast. It bravely reveals who is responsible for shooting LaRon Landry in the nuts.
Not really. Actually just some fairly talented Eagles Fan (TheEaglesFan98) with a future in editing hates the Cowboys, and isn't afraid to say it via YouTube with an appropriate soundtrack of Wierd Al's "You're Pitiful" which is itself a parody of "You're Beautiful" by James Blunt. But briefly, some background on the video, as many of the images won't make a bit of sense to Hogs Haven regular(s). Recently it's become popular fare for total strangers to harass each other in e-conversations via YouTube. Increasingly a small group of Redskins, Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants (ok maybe not Giants) fans have invaded the Internets, making countless call-out videos to one another that are mostly personal and, as far as I can tell, sometimes racist(?). I'm not all that sure. I don't really follow it. I don't really care. These individuals seem to enjoy antagonizing one another and I'm all too willing to let them continue, so long as it occasionally produces magnificent video parody, as below, described thusly:
Featuring fiacolet as the Nerd, bbigdaddyceaser as the Grocery Store guy,withy40ozz as the slippery machine guy, and Halen88 as Fat Albert! Tony Romo and Terrell Owens as them selves!
I'm pretty sure fiacolet is one of the YouTube NFC East antagonists, and it serves to reason that bbigdaddyceaser and Grocery Store guy and whomever are as well. For the parts of the video that confuse, see above. I thought reader(s) might enjoy the rest of the anti-Cowboy video, even if it was made by an Eagles fan. Enjoy: