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Redskins Offseason grade: C

This guys' curve is way off, with 10 teams below C and 20 above. Should be an equal-ish distribution above and below, as C denotes average. But that's not the main issue I have with this Sporting News offseason report card:

Redskins Linebacker Warrick Holdman should be efficiently replaced by London Fletcher-Baker. Guard Derrick Dockery (free agent to Buffalo) might be a tougher assignment. First-round pick LaRon Landry is an impact player at safety.
London Fletcher replaces Lemar Marshall, who didn't go anywhere. Rookie Rocky McIntosh replaces Warrick Holdman. I don't even know why the mention of Holdman is warranted here as he wasn't an offseason casualty. He was a UFA we made no effort to retain. Based off his performance in 2006 there was simply no way he was going to remain a starter on the team.

I did appreciate this from the article:

Who's new  
For the most part, the weaker teams will show the greatest volatility in their starting lineups this season. But a team that barely missed the playoffs (Denver) projects the most turnover, and two teams that finished 8-8 (Green Bay, Pittsburgh) are largely standing pat. The number of new starters likely to line up for each team in 2007, including players returning from 2006 injuries:  
10  Broncos  
9  Browns, Lions  
8  Cardinals, Chiefs, Dolphins, Raiders  
7  49ers, Bills, Falcons, Seahawks  
6  Bengals, Buccaneers, Patriots, Rams, Texans  
5  Colts, Panthers  
4  Bears, Eagles, Giants, Jaguars, Jets, Redskins, Titans, Vikings  
3  Chargers, Ravens  
2  Cowboys, Packers, Saints, Steelers
Making us one of the most stable teams in the league this offseason, based on returning starters. I think they undercount us, though. I would list London Fletcher, LaRon Landry, Shawn Springs (injury), Clinton Portis (injury), whoever replaces Dockery, Rocky McIntosh, and possibly Fred Smoot in front of Carlos Rogers. I'd be interested to see who from above they neglected to reach four, and why.