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Jason Campbell is the starting quarterback

David Gaines at Skinsaphrenia tracked down this ludicrous USA Today blog entry that speculates on a positional battle emerging between Jason Campbell and Mark Brunell. You read that correctly:

Fine-tune your clipboard-holding skills
-- Jason Campbell, Redskins -- The third-year player closed last season as the starter and should open this year the same way. He'll get every chance from coach Joe Gibbs to succeed. But Mark Brunell (granted, he coughed up his chance last year) sits behind him. And if Campbell gets off to a rough start, the Washington fans will not suffer inexperienced, ineffective QBs gladly.
Focused just on what's here, Jason Campbell finished as the starter last year and will be the starter next year. Whomever the writer is speculates that a rocky start could doom him, thanks in large part to the fans.

Multiple bogus premises here make it difficult to begin. I'll try: the fans do not choose the quarterback, the Coach does. We know that all too well as last year it was impatient fans demanding that Brunell get the boot and Campbell a start. I speak without reservation on behalf of a mjority of Redskins fans when I say that we will, for the most part, keep our damn mouths shut because Mark Brunell is neither the future nor present here in Washington.

Let's focus on positive evidence that Jason Campbell has performed well thus far.

  1. Adam Schefter reports that Campbell has looked "especially good" this offseason. Maybe meaningless praise, maybe not.
  2. JC projects incredibly well under David Lewin's QB system which I treat as sacrosanct (since it projects that JC will do so well, of course).
  3. Effusive praise from teammates says he looks outstanding this offseason.
  4. First time he's had consistent offensive coaching since High School which, at worst, cannot hurt him going into the 2007 season. Said Campbell: "I feel a year older in the system and I understand the plays a lot better," he said. "I'm able to go through more of the progressions than a year ago because of the time and effort put into studying the plays."
  5. Mark Brunell is still in recovery from shoulder surgery and has a ways to go towards being gameday ready.
  6. Jason Campbell has a mustache.

No need to continue.

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