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Clinton Portis pledges to continue talking

Calm down, reader(s), he did it unintentionally. However, as Portis of all people should know, sometimes what you say is not necessarily what you mean.

Everyone else is way ahead of me on this story, but in case you missed it Clinton Portis recently recanted his earlier comments on dog fighting and, in my opinion, acquitted himself quite well of his prior statements (for the most part).

A couple of weeks ago, when I made those comments, I didn't understand the seriousness behind it... I didn't know it would affect that many people, didn't think what I said was that offensive. But after doing research and seeing how serious people take this, I shouldn't have made the comments.

I had no idea the love that people have for animals or didn't consider it when I made those comments... I'm not even a pets man. I've got a fish -- that's the easiest thing to keep up. I've never been into dogs, never dealt with dogs, don't like playing with dogs. But at the same time, there's a lot of people who are crazy over pets.

I'm willing to let sleeping dogs lie [insert generic dog related pun], so let me just say, thanks for clearing everything up Clinton Portis, we appreciate you, and go score some touchdowns. Additional commentary on the issue can be found at the other blogs who have intelligibly and entertainingly covered the subject. I do not have anything original to add. Except on CP's closing statement:
"From now on, I don't comment on nobody," Portis said.
Yikes! Double negatives are bad aren't not bad. What was technically pledged here was that Clinton Portis, for now on, will not comment on nobody, meaning he will comment on somebody.

My advice? More costumes.