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Redskins nutritionist Ann Litt, 54, passes away

First and foremost Hogs Haven expresses our condolences to the family and to the team for their loss. I'm no good at this kind of thing, so I will leave it to someone else:

The Redskins are mourning the loss of another member of the organization, as team nutritionist Ann Litt passed away suddenly two months after former linebacker Kevin Mitchell died in his sleep. Litt, 54, entered the hospital recently with a blockage in her intestine and ended up suffering a rupture in her bowel that took her life, Bubba Tyer said.

Litt was a welcome figure around Redskins Park, usually at the facility midweek during the season to schedule appointments with players to review their diet, calorie intake and help them with their nutrition. Litt spent 30 years as a nutritionist and was also a published author.

Bubba said the loss was difficult to get over.

"We love her around here," Tyer said, "and a testament to her work here came when we had a meeting recently and the players all talked about how they need to eat more healthy and don't need as much fat in their diets. It was great, and it's all her work the last few years and we're going to miss her."