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Redskins Robble, Robble, Robble

Per the Redskins Insider Clinton Portis was more contrite than ever for his prior comments on dog fighting. I'll let the quote speak for itself:

"When I made those comments I didn't understand the seriousness behind it. I didn't know it would affect that many people and didn't think what I said was that offense But after doing some research and seeing how serious people take this, I shouldn't have made the comments. Hopefully it will die down and people will understand that at that time I had no idea the love people have for animals and I didn't consider it when I made those comments."
The Insider also has an injury update. CP's knee is "recovering well", Marcus Washington joined full practice for the first time yesterday since surgery and offseason rehab, and Mark Brunell is also moving along well from his shoulder surgery.

Ben calls bullshit on Stuart Scott's suspect attempt at distancing himself from any knowledge of computers, iPods, or blogs. The entire post is hilarious, as per usual. I will encourage reader(s) to go read the entire thing at Curly R by not stealing a tidbit and posting it here.

Greg at Hog Heaven compares the 2007 Redskins with the 2006 Saints. I don't know how apt this comparison might be, but Greg does an excellent job of breaking down a few key statistics in an interesting manner. I would say we compare favorably on defense to the 2006 Saints but, even optimistically, we're well short of them offensively.

Here is what Clinton Portis should have said, regarding pit bulls.

War Cry! and release their Inaugural Redskins Hall of Fame Class: Joe Jacoby, Dexter Manley, Art Monk, Darrell Green, Charles Mann, and Russ Grimm.

Redskins 360 reminds that the betting lines are already open on Week 1 of the 2007 season and comments: "What a country." As a degenerate gambler (the kind who never wins, not the kind who bets his child's college futures on the Washington General's against the Globetrotters, because they're "due") I concur.

Skinsaphrenia returns! Then takes stock of our secondary, with Shawn Springs back at practice and still with the team even after June 1st, and realizes how much stronger this unit looks than last year's. Shawn Springs - Carlos Rogers - Fred Smoot - David Macklin is a much better unit than any that includes "Mike Rumph".

Dan Steinberg is on top of the Redskins/Ravens Charity Paintball event with pictures and quotes and etc. The good guys lost. Team "Anthrax" won.

This has nothing to do with the Washington Redskins. But, why not?

That's all I've got this morning.