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Harry Hog discusses Art Monk

Update [2007-6-6 9:35:49 by Skin Patrol]: I've been informed that the show is tonight (Wed.) as opposed to last night.
Quick shout out to my Blogging amigos at Harry Hog who will be discussing Art Monk and the HoF tonight on their podcast. As I'm admittedly obsessed with The Art Monk and his future HoF seat, I asked the Hogs for some info on their newest podcast. Josh sent me this email with details on how to listen in:
The Episode 81 Podcast will be recorded tonight at about 7:00pm, and is usually up on Apple's iTunes by 9:00pm Redskins Standard Time.  

Folks can call in on the HarryHog Hotline (DC Area Code) if they like:  (202) 657-HAIL - If we don't pick up, they can leave a voicemail - we will sometimes play voicemails back on our 'cast as well.

People can also go to our website at and click on "podcast" to get the URL for media players other than iTunes.

Make sure to listen in.