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Prodigal Shawn returns

First, let's admit that I'm an unoriginal hack. Quick search of Hogs Haven reveals this as my third "prodigal bla bla bla" attempt, which was probably wearing thin after attempt one. All apologies, I inherited this uncreative brain.

I could also add the Prodigal Blog returns, as Jason La Canfora, The Redskins Insider, has returned after a long hiatus on vacation. Concerned reader(s) should sleep easy knowing that I'm far too poor to take a vacation, even if you want me to.

Anyways, Jason ran into Shawn Springs at Redskins Park today and said he looks positively ripped:

Shawn was in very good spirits and, with Lisa hopefully out there reading this somewhere, I feel the need to report that the man is ripped. He looked pretty huge in the upper body. Says he hit the training room pretty hard out in Arizona.
I am unfamiliar with Lisa, though presumably she has some kind of crush on him. Springs will join his teammates at the OTAs tomorrow, which will be followed either Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning by a barrage of newspaper stories about how happy his teammates are to see him, how great everything is going, perhaps that we'll win the NFC, oh by the way Jason Campbell looks like he could go to the Pro Bowl or cure cancer (or maybe not?) etc.

Me? I'm just happy to have Shawn Springs back with the rest of the team.