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Remembering John Riggins and George Allen through youtube

Hat tip Some Bogger for this John Riggins pimping "Field and Stream magazine" (15 issues for only 12.97! You'd be stupid not to buy this!!) commercial circa happier times:

Video speaks for itself. It is campy (pun intended), poorly acted, though somehow utterly convincing (and comes with a free, secret prize). To wit, here are 10 (known) compelling reasons to purchase this magazine:

  1. Water resistant duffel bag
  2. Giant mutant fish
  3. Deer
  4. Man with mustache and fish
  5. Turkey
  6. Fish
  7. Bear, too close for comfort
  8. Shark, also too close for comfort
  9. Man with fishes (awake)
  10. Ducks
Well shoot, I'm sold. Quick question though: In which "Field" or "Stream" can I catch giant sharks using my handy squid-bait? Because I'm all over that.

Video contains George Allen connecting with younger players by suggesting their current haircuts suck and that they need to drop the bling (I approve) as well as strange, horrifying low-angle camera shots of George Allen tackling stadium stairs in tight, tight blue shorts (I do not approve). Closes with "In retrospect Allen's teams, if not always the best..." the rest drowned out by my boos.

AOL Fanhouse, Random YouTube Magic: John Riggins Slingin' Field & Stream