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Are there no current Hall of Fame candidates on the Redskins?

Hat tip to Football Outsiders on this CBS Sportsline piece where Pete Prisco dares to ask which of the NFL's current stars deserves debate on their HoF credentials. I don't know how many other teams were unrepresented (Buffalo was another) from his list of 45 players, but Your Washington Redskins received nary a mention. His criteria:

Since we're in a dead month before the open of training camp, I thought it a good time to break down Hall of Fame prospects from among 45 active NFL stars.

For example, is Peyton Manning in no matter what happens to him the rest of the way? What about Tom Brady? Isaac Bruce? Torry Holt?

Players with at least six years of experience are the ones I considered...

And maybe that's fair? Besides unquestionably first-ballot HoF long snapper Ethan Albright, the ranks of 6 year veterans deserving of Hall consideration is indeed sparse. In my opinion, here are the guys who might (either now or one day) be worth considering:

Mark Brunell
London Fletcher
Jon Jansen
Santana Moss
Chris Samuels
Randy Thomas
Todd Yoder

Honestly, and I hate saying this, I don't think any of those guys currently warrants HoF discussion. The only one with the resume that, today, comes close to measuring up is Mark Brunell, and I don't think he is Hall of Fame material. The rest still have a lot of work to do, though I'm hopeful that someone on our offensive line gets mentioned, as the Hall keeps snubbing the great and deserving namesakes of this (admittedly crappy). I'm talking about "Hogs" Joe Jacoby and Russ Grimm.

Which doesn't mean we don't currently have some Hall of Famers on the roster. Chris Cooley, Santana Moss, Clinton Portis, dare I hope Jason Campbell, and Sean Taylor are all young players with bright futures in front of them. Our offensive linemen have some time to firmly establish those credentials as well. And perhaps I missed someone from my above list.

Question to reader(s): If the Redskins have exactly one Hall of Famer on their roster right now, who is it and why?