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Know thy enemy

[editor's note, by Skin Patrol] I feel like I owed faithful Hogs Haven reader(s) this post, after those terrifying pictures of Andre Carter.
Recently I found myself in a rather lengthy discussion over the merits of Troy Aikman and how good he really was (or wasn't) over at Blogging the Boys, our resident Cowboys blogger. That discussion proceeded in a relatively civil manner given that I was dogging one of their icons in their territory. In honor of that, I want to take a moment to show some respect for our hated rivals. Despite how we may personally feel about the team, they do some things very well. To wit:

Hat's off to you Dallas Cheerleaders, you're the Cowboys we love to hate. Pictures taken from Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader website with a hat tip to The Professional Cheerleader Blog, which makes its way to my blogroll today.

Because I feel like I've cheated on my beloved Washington Redskins cheerleaders, here are a few pictures of our own Katie, (taken from the Official Site) acting very professionally by showing that there's more to being a cheerleader than throwing on a bathing suit.

Hail to Cheerleaders. Football resumes now.