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Cornelius Griffin eats up a lot of space

At 311 pounds, it should come as no surprise that he does so on the field. But now he's gobbling up space throughout the Southeast, as the newest celebrity investor to a development company:

Cornelius Griffin, the former University of Alabama star and current defensive tackle for the Washington Redskins, has become yet another celebrity investor in Ronnie Gilley Properties, President & CEO Ronnie Gilley announced Thursday.

RGP, a leading development company in the Southeast, has already established a number of RGP projects with artists and executives in the entertainment industry, the release said.

This is not just a random association, either. Ronnie Gilley and Cornelius Griffin have a common bond through country singer Tracy Lawrence, who recently cast them both in his music video for his hit "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" (incidentally, Cornelius Griffin was one of the persons found, as he is friends with Tracy). We can only speculate that Griffin's friendship with Tracy Lawrence means he likes Tracy's music, which suggests he's a country music guy. Who knew?