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It begins

The NFL season is edging ever closer meaning Fantasy Football is just over the horizon. The Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League is going to be handled by Burgundy and Gold and perhaps TexSkins, so contact them for details. Or just respond to this thread. We need participants.

James Quintong from released his top 200 Fantasy Players. Four of the good guys made the list, and they are:

28 Clinton Portis RB WAS
50 Santana Moss WR WAS
91 Chris Cooley TE WAS
192 Jason Campbell QB WAS
In the individual rankings, Jason Campbell finishes 26th, Chris Cooley 8th, Santana Moss 21st, and Clinton Portis 19th (with Ladell Betts sneaking in at 38th). Antwaan Randle-El is listed 81st among WRs, while Shaun Suisham is, get this, 33rd among kickers. Meaning Green Bay has two kickers ranked ahead of ours. Fantasy Football predicts absolutely no growth on our defense last year, as we finished 31st.

Let us stress that FF is not Football, hence the "Fantasy". To tell you the truth, I don't even like Fantasy Football anymore as I grew tired of the way it made me watch the game around 3 years ago. It's an addiction that, over time, only grows from participation in one league to two leagues to multiple leagues, until soon you haven't any idea whether or not you are really rooting for or against anyone on the field. Do I cheer for Randy Moss because I have him on fantasy team A or against because I have the defense he's playing on fantasy team B? I'd rather focus solely on my Redskins and how league happenings effect them, though I will participate in our Hogs Haven Fantasy Football League.

Speaking of which, there should be a HH sponsored prize for winning the event yet I don't know what it is. I encourage reader(s) to post suggestions (must be Redskins related -- literature, paraphenalia, etc. all acceptable) in the comments section.