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Redskins Football resumes August 4th

I'm just joshing, because without winners and losers, football is dead to me.

But the Redskins first action against an NFL opponent really does begin August 4th, in our annual(ish) scrimmage against the Baltimore Ravens:

NFL football arrives a week early for Redskins and Ravens fans: on Saturday, Aug. 4, the Redskins will travel to Baltimore to scrimmage against the Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium.
The "Summer Scrimmage" is the first opportunity for fans of both teams to see the Redskins and Ravens in action prior to the 2007 season.
Ticket information available here. The article also notes:
This is the third year in a row that the Redskins and Ravens will play a preseason scrimmage. Last year's scrimmage drew 47,258 fans to FedExField.
It is a huge credit to both Ravens and Redskins fans that we can fill 47K+ seats for a scrimmage, which isn't really an organized game. Score is not kept. There are 7 on 7 and 1 on 1 drills (which do not take place in regular games, obviously). Etc. I believe the RCA Dome is the smallest stadium in the NFL, with a maximum capacity in the 60K region. That we could approach filling it with merely a scrimmage is an impressive factoid that speaks volumes about You crazy fans. No one can accuse us of not loving our Redskins.

The preseason begins just a week after that, with a game against the Tennessee Titans. Question I would pose to reader(s) is whether or not you think Joe Gibbs and company will take more seriously this preseason than the last one. Will you as fans? I certainly plan to, as my obligatory review posts will at least refrain from calling them "pretend football games" as there wasn't anything pretend awful about last year's preseason on-field product that quickly carried into the 2006 season. Players who take practices seriously take scrimmages seriously take exhibitions seriously take real games seriously. Winning is habitual.