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Casey Bramlet is the Most Valuable Player in the World (bowl)

In case you missed it, because you were watching MMA, big news this weekend for the World League NFL Europe NFL Europa(!), as the Hamburg Sea Devils bested the Frankfurt Galaxy 37-28 in what has been described as the best World Bowl ever (though it also might be the last). Whether the superlative praise or "World Bowl" qualification more meaningfully described the on-field product, I leave to reader(s).

As Redskins Insider points out, roster hopeful backup quarterback Casey Bramlet was the star, winning World Bowl MVP honors thanks to his 20 of 27 for 347 yards and a record setting four touchdown passes, and even some flea flickery trickery. Here's what that looks like, complements the NFL Europe website:

Poise: a dignified, self-confident manner or bearing; composure; self-possession. Ability to complete pass while saying Holy Shit.

Does this assure Casey Bramlet a spot behind Mark Brunell or Todd Collins (but not both, obviously)? Stated differently, does a World Bowl MVP put him ahead of Sam Hollenbach and Jordan Palmer for the backup's backup? Maybe not, as he was playing against truck drivers (not my words!) but I remain pleased that Bramlet pulled off the MVP just as well.

Congratulations are in order for more than just his record setting performance; Casey Bramlet is getting married July 7th, per the WaPo. Hogs Haven was not invited. Despite the slight, we're calling Casey Bramlet the favorite at this point to scoop the final spot. What more could he have done to earn that job from his position in NFL Europa? You allocate players in the hopes that they perform at a professional level there, and Casey Bramlet played at the highest level of any player on the field in the biggest game of that league's season. If that is not evidence that he deserves a roster spot, we might as well just be done with allocations and the NFL Europa all together. What more could we have reasonably expected of him?