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Jason Campbell is on a team full of 3rd graders

Hey, his words, not mine. Before we begin, some credits are due: I don't know how many websites are running this, I suspect many, but it comes to me complements The Dude Abides. Littles, host of that excellently named blog (I'm a big Big Lebowski fan), is also producer of my favorite blog-related television program -- Blog Show. Which is hosted, of course, by Mr. Irrelevant himself Jamie Mottram and Dan Steinberg, who also did the entire Eastern Motors series, including this brilliant writeup of the video below. He covers everything that would be of interest to Hogs Haven reader(s), so rather then cheapen any of his writing or the video itself with my lame humor and poor writing, I'll let YouTube speak for itself:

I'm sure the video will soon make the rounds through the Internets, though you can also find it and a brief post on it at AOL Fanhouse complements Michael David Smith.

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